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Risk Insurance

What is the real cost of No risk insurance?

We all have plans for the future but sometimes life can present us with some unexpected challenges

Life insurance can help ensure you are financially secure when the worst occurs. Would your family be financially secure if you passed away, or are unable to work due to illness or injury?

Life insurance or personal insurance can help cover outstanding debts, rent and mortgage payments. Pay for the cost of rehabilitation after serious illness or injury; provide assistance with ongoing cost of living. Secure your family’s financial future.

CHC Advisors are available to consult in the four main areas of risk

Life Insurance

Pays a cash lump sum to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. It’s comforting to know that people who depend on you will be financially assisted and your assets protected.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)

Pays a cash lump sum if you’re no longer able to work due to total and permanent disablement. The additional money could be used to repay loans, help meet day to day living expenses, fund medical expenses, meet rehabilitation costs and pay for any modifications required to your home.

Income Protection

Pays an ongoing monthly benefit of up to 75% of your pre-disability income if you are unable to work as a result of sickness or injury. The benefit will continue to be paid for a specified period whilst you remain totally or partially disabled and premiums are generally tax deductible.

Trauma Insurance

Pays a lump sum in the event you suffer from certain specified medical conditions, such as heart attack, stroke, cancer etc.

How can we help?

Our insurance specialist can review your personal circumstances and advise you on the amount and type of personal risk insurance cover you need.

An integral part of our ongoing service is to review your insurance needs on an annual basis ensuring your cover meets your current or changed unique circumstances.

"We offer a holistic approach to financial planning at CHC Planning Solutions. We provide A to Z solutions in the areas of risk, self managed super funds, investments in managed funds and general superannuation."
Christopher Stylianou
Co-Director - CHC Planning Solutions

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